Tiger Agate Slice

Price :- $2- $5

Size :- 3-4 Inch

MOQ :- 100 Piece

Color :- Natural Tiger Stone

We have select excellent quality agate slices that are always the appropriate size, never smaller than advertised. I choose slices that do not have open holes in the middle, so they are great for writing names on. My slices are always A quality pieces – never poorer B or C quality agate slices.

Size range is from 2.5-3.5″ inches long. A slightly larger size (3″-4″ long and also wider) is also available – please contact for a quote.

Custom quantities are available. Also, if you want a color mix I can do custom quantities of each color you desire.

Bulk agate slices wholesale geodes

This item is a commercial craft supply and was manufactured in Khambhat.