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We manufacture Tumbles of following stones:

1Amethyst (I) Tumble11Dark Green Aventurine21Red Jasper Tumble
2Amethyst Banded (I)12Blood Fancy Stone  Tumble22Rose Quartz Tumble
3Banded Agate Tumble13Fancy Jasper Tumble23Sun Stone (K) Tumble
4Black Agate Tumble14Dalmention (I) Tumble24Tree Agate Tumble
5Blue Aventurine Tumble15Grey Agate Tumble25White Milky Tumble
6Camel Agate Tumble16Jasper Yellow Tumble26Yellow Agate Tumble
7Carnelian Tumble17Light Green Aventurine 27Yellow Quartz Tumble
8Cobra Agate  Tumble18Mariyam (Calligraphy)
9Conglomerate Tumble19Moss Agate Tumble
10Crystal Tumble20Pink Aventurine Tumble

We also manufacture some Premium Tumble of following stones:

Amethyst Brazil Tumbled9Lapis Lazuli  Tumbled17Sapphire Tumbled
Blue Topaz Tumbled10Leopard Skin Tumbled18Snow Fleck Obsedian
Citrine Tumbled11Mohagani Obsedian19Sodalite Tumbled
Dalmention Tumbled12Moon Stone Tumbled20Sunstone Tumbled
Emerald Tumbled13Peridot Tumbled21Tiger Eye Tumbled
Howalite Tumbled14Rainbow Moonstone22Turquoise  Tumbled
Iolite Tumbled15Ruby Crystal Tumbled23Unakite Tumbled
Labrodorite Tumbled16Ruby Zosite Tumbled 24Emerald Fusite Tumble

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